Thoughts of the past days…

As a self-employed person I always wanted and still want to find/have similar minded people who’d have similar interests such as being self-employed, being successful and independent, people who’d like to change the World they live in for better, people who aren’t simply waiting for those changes to happen but actively being/doing these changes.

As a self-employed person especially at the beginnings/at the initial stages of forming company you experience a mental roller-coaster going from feeling down and left by everybody to extreme happiness, when thing go/turn out to be exactly the way you wanted them to be and vice versa when nothing seems to be exactly the way you wanted it to be/ you wanted it to have.

It’s great if you have a support system(s) comprising of your relatives, friends and (close) acquaintances.

The question is – What to do if you don’t seem to have one or if you really don’t  have one?

Where seek support? How to do it?

Social network aren’t a real help as no one really cares about you, your mental state and how you’re feeling yourself.

I know it’s much easier to say stay optimistic and simply be happy disregarding (the) current circumstances you’re going trough/currently in.

I read plenty of books for this subject and I also could give many suggestions to other people, however what really counts is what you’re telling to yourself and how you behave yourself automatically i.e. on the auto-pilot when you behave out of your core and not from your mind. When you behave/react and then analyze what you should’ve done better and/or differently.

What justifies your giving suggestions if you yourself are not really sorted out?

If yourself are not happy and contempt… if you yourself don’t live in the abundant World which you read in the and|or write books about.

There is a saying that a (wo)man gets what (s)he deserves to get and (s)he receives only that what (s)he’s ready to receive.

Does it mean that I’m not ready receive what I desire, what I (day)dream about?

Am I not ready to have a world known corporation with the different branches in different countries and on different continents?

Am I not ready to inspire people around me? make them wanting to be with me? around me? moving with me in one/similar direction?

As it seems it’s exactly the case and I’m working on my plans, dreams, ideas as before most of the time alone and waiting for the/working on the dream that someday sometime people would see/know what I want to do and would share their ideas, dreams and plans with me and we together will create a better World, our better World we live and will be living in.

At the current however as it seems the World is really being ruled by money and if you don’t have it or have nor really enough of it, you and all your ideas aren’t interesting to no one at all.

If your ideas cannot immediately earn tons/lots of money they are useless and uninteresting, isn’t it so?

Tell me what YOU think about it. Tell me what YOUR thoughts are. Will you?

I’m really excited and curious about it/them.


About leozukov

The real me. A scanner, a multipreneur, a curious mind and a World citizen - Earthling.
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